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Sedona Technologies located in Moline, IL is currently looking for an Engineer with Manufacturing and design experience.

In this role you will have the opportunity to provide guidance to the manufacturing team in simplifying the product structure, to reduce manufacturing and assembly costs and quantify improvements. You will also assist in designing new systems and processes for the introduction of new products and assist on the improvement of existing ones. Implement the practice of applying, identifying quantifying and eliminating waste of inefficiency in a product design.

What you will need:
  • Knowledge of assembly line design in a Manufacturing environment
  • Knowledge of line flow/line balance in a Manufacturing environment
  • Experience with quality process capability
  • Experience with Torque specifications
  • Experience with print tolerance/tolerance stack up

What will set you apart:
  • Degree in Manufacturing, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
  • Experience with Manufacturing applications
  • Experience with Machining processes
  • DFM experience

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