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Notification Module for Contract Director

Sedona Technologies has developed a custom module for the SciQuest Contract Director application that provides the ability to create custom notifications associated with specific contracts.

Customization of Contract Alerts

Maintaining visibility to the key dates associated with contracts in Contract Director is essential to timely management of corresponding terms and conditions. Having the ability to create unique and auto-repeating email alerts based upon those dates ensures that contractual timeframes, events, and requirements are proactively monitored, reviewed, and addressed. The Sedona Technologies Notification Module for SciQuest Contract Director leverages user-defined date fields to facilitate the creation, delivery, and maintenance of custom email alerts.

Benefits include:
  • Quick deployment of new alerts utilizing UDF and Custom Fields.
  • Easy maintenance of existing alerts.
  • No requirement for additional programming.
  • Alerts are easily disabled when no longer required.
  • Can be configured for single or auto-repeating alert instances.
  • Provides the ability for leading or post-date alerts.
  • Works with many User Roles and Profiles, including Contract Creator, Contract Manager, Invoices-To, Current Workflow Task Users, Specific User Roles, and Global Control Lists.

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