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Reorganization Process for Contract Director

Sedona Technologies has developed a custom module for the SciQuest Contract Director application that provides the ability to reorganize organizational units and associated content.

Organizational Unit & Object Transfer

Changes to your organization’s business requirements and processes often need to be represented within your Contract Director configuration. The ability to transfer Organizational Units and associated Objects is fundamental to ensuring that application functionality remains aligned with associated your business drivers. The Sedona Technologies Reorganization Process Module for SciQuest Contract Director provides the mechanism to update structures within the application, meeting ongoing application requirements and providing functional support for your business needs.

Capabilities include:
  • Transfer entire Organizational Units with or without Child Units.
  • Conduct partial or complete transfers of Documents and Objects from one Organizational Unit to another.
  • Permanently delete/remove empty Organizational Units.
  • Partially or fully move Templates, Contracts, Contract Requests, Library Groups, Stylesheets, and User Rights.
Benefits include:
  • Provides the ability to reorganize Organizational Units within Contract Director, from a single Unit to the entire structure.
  • Allows for the movement of Documents, Templates, Stylesheets, Library Groups, and User Rights from one Organizational Unit to another, either individually or in multiple quantities.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple Organizational Units when changes require a new structure.
  • Facilitates the seamless movement of Objects to new or transferred Organizational Units.
  • Removes the need for multiple reports that result when Organizational Units are split within the structure.

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