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For over 12 years, Sedona Technologies has deployed both technical and administrative employees to support numerous rollout projects. Through enormous effort, we’ve established a sustained record of success utilizing our core team located in Moline, IL to handle large-scale software and hardware rollouts. Sedona’s years of experience in providing installers for rollout projects have given us the opportunity to put in place exceptional processes for each phase of the project, from pre-rollout through completion.  Utilizing our core team, we have the ability to scale our technical resource pool to handle any nationwide requirement. Sedona’s ability to provide superior quality services, coupled with sound project management, results in project after project being completed efficiently and cost-effectively.

Sedona has over 600 installers on standby to provide rollout services, giving us the ability to quickly assist your organization in upgrading and migrating new software and hardware. Our installers are experienced in the deployment of many types of equipment replacements to thousands of locations throughout the United States. Whether you need to roll out laptop computers, routers and switches, hard drives, servers, UPS’s or other office peripherals, Sedona Technologies can draw on a vast reservoir of experience to meet your needs. 
Sedona’s certified Quality Management Systems provide our customers with a unique level of confidence in our ability to consistently deliver quality installers and perform quality HR Administration--from applicant recruiting, hiring and screening, through payroll and billing. Sedona understands the individual needs of our clients and the management philosophy that makes each customer unique.  When dealing with Sedona Technologies, you know you’ve got a partner with the industry experience necessary to provide you with superior services and installers.
Sedona has all of the elements for success necessary for your rollout projects: flexibility working with installer and scheduling issues, creativity in our internal processes, attention to detail in our reporting, a lack of bureaucracy that allows the customer to communicate directly with the decision makers, and innovative solutions in handling problems. As a privately owned company, Sedona’s mission is to build long-term partnerships using these principal components. When Sedona succeeds, our customers succeed. 
Through our dedication to delivering projects on time, within budget, and to user specification; as well as our strong investment in best practices, Sedona Technologies delivers cost-effective services to the highest quality standards, offering real customer value. Sedona Technologies helps our customers lower costs, maximize return on investment, and improve end-user service. 

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