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Social & Environmental Responsibilities

Social & Environmental Responsibilities

Sedona Technologies recognizes the drive for a sustainable way of life has begun to pervade almost every aspect of life: the way we live, the products we buy, and the work we do. This movement has become a major driver in the marketplace - fueled by consumer demand, the need for energy efficiency, environmental preservation, and sound economics. More than planting trees or driving a hybrid, it is a mindset, a way of doing business, and of interacting with the world.

Although the business of technical staffing and software development is typically considered to be of low ecological impact, Sedona Technologies recognizes the importance of environmental preservation. Therefore we have developed a Social & Environmental Management Plan that will guide us through the steps to reinforce that belief. Our Code of Conduct and Policy includes information on Corporate & Social Responsibility, Health & Safety and Environmental Protection.

Sedona Technologies Code of Conduct

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R.C. John Jr.