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  Be an “EarthSaver”

Sedona Technologies recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship and as a result we have implemented the “EarthSaver” program within our organization. We hope this will raise employee awareness to be better stewards of our natural resources which will in turn better the community we serve.

Energy Conservation Results

Waste Management and Recycling Results

Public Disclosure Notice

Sedona Technologies does comply with environmental regulations and has had no regulatory fines or penalties against our organization. Sedona Technologies is a consulting company that provides professional and consulting services focused on the development and marketing of intellectual capital, as well as temporary, permanent and outsourced personnel staffing. In addition, Sedona Technologies and its employees will comply with this environmental management system policy, understanding that we are a provider of software and services. As Sedona is not a manufacturing organization, there are no associated governmental regulations, contractual requirements, pollution prevention, substantial energy conservation, or special waste disposal requirements. The major positive impact we can have on the environment is lifestyle actions because Sedona is a consumer of products and resources rather than a manufacturer of such items.


The training program consists of directing employees to the EMS URL which contains other links and information to help the team discover other ways to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. Sedona Technologies has trained the employees who interface with IBM on the EMS and our goals for environmental conservation. Employees have read, understand and acknowledged the Code of Conduct, EMS Plan and Sedona Technologies Policy. These documents outline our efforts of supporting long-term ecological balance by not depleting or harming our natural resources.

Employees can gain additional ideas and information through the below guide that can be implemented at the office and at home.

Other “EarthSaver” Awareness Results

  • Installation of a water cooler with filtration system and reusable cups rather than disposable cups helped to reduce plastic water bottle consumption
  • Operate paperless as much as possible, print double sided whenever possible
  • Store paper electronically
  • Use teleconferencing via GoToMeeting whenever possible to reduce travel for meetings