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Knowledge Management

Control the Effects of Information

Most organizations have established or are seeking to establish strategic priorities aimed at leveraging the value their workers already carry around in their minds. For some, this will be the key challenge to the success of their digital transformation.

Knowledge capture is rarely an end objective in and of itself. Rather, at Sedona Technologies Digital Workplaces we think in terms of capturing knowledge and then making use of it in such a way that we reach an actual desired business outcome. Too often the focus is on pushing data to the right places without considering whether it’s having the intended effect—managing those effects is Knowledge Management, and your data is just a part of it.

We help craft digital workplaces that act as self-sustaining information brokerages for whole global workforces. Mature toolsets and networked capabilities have recently become available and are increasingly becoming universal that allow, not for closed and arcane warehouses, but for lively marketplaces where knowledge and ideas can be cultivated, cared for, and ultimately put to use in the most effective possible way. The key is adoption, which requires proper planning and analysis. Our comprehensive suite of services is your secret weapon for making it through this revolution in methods for interacting with the workforce of tomorrow.




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